2014 Spring Semester

It's time for a new semester of classes. I'm about six weeks into the semester and here is how it's going for me. 

I've finished all my general education classes so until I graduate I'm mostly taking art classes along with some electives. This semester I'm taking Painting I, Drawing II, Graphic Design I, and Art History II. It's like the art department vomited all over my schedule (and I love it!)

This semester I'm also in my schools winter drumline. It's like marching band except it's indoors and there's no wind instruments or colorguard. Drumline is just marching percussion and sometimes front ensemble. I've marched Cymbals for about four years now and although it's not the most glamorous instrument, it's the only marching instrument I can play. I can also play violin and a bit of piano. The drumline has also asked me to design the artwork for their uniforms. 

Oh, and I'm going to Germany in May! The choir at my school has a tour in Germany this spring and they asked me to be their Photographer. I'm so excited! I've been slowly preparing for this trip by improving my photography skills and learning german. 

So that's my semester so far in a nutshell. busy busy busy!  

Well thanks for reading!




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