Update#2! Voices In Germany

I’ve been thinking a lot about my book: Voices in Germany and I’m thinking of making it like an artist book.

I’m thinking of only having about 75-100 copies made of the book and numbering them. Over time it will raise the overall value of the books over time because of it’s limited quantity. Later on when I’m more well known as an artist/designer the books will be worth a lot. it will be an investment. If I don’t become well known artist then at least I can offer people who went on this trip an extra souvenir.

The books will be hard bound and will probably cost around 45-50 USD.  

It’s hard to put a price on it because I still haven’t decided on a few things. It’s still going to be around 52 pages and it will still showcase my photography and graphic design skills (maybe even my writing skills.) I'll have a bit more artist freedom as well! 

 I’m hoping to get this book done by the end of summer. I’m going to be busy during the summer because of my job and Disneyworld so on my downtime I’ll be working on my book.

I’ll update again soon!

Thanks for reading

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