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I’ve said this before a few times but I think I’ve really learned a lot about photography while in Germany for the past week and a half. I’ve gained more experience and I think that this has helped me prepare myself to my summer job at Disney World.

At Disney World I'll be working as a Photopass Photographer. Bascly my job is to walking around the park with a camera and take photos of the guests. I'm in charge of capturing peoples happy experiences so that they don't have to worry about getting good photos. When think of this job I remember a funny t-shirt:


Here's a link to where you can buy this t-shirt:    I'm thinking about buying on

Here's a link to where you can buy this t-shirt: 

I'm thinking about buying on

So that's the basic information about my job. there is also a great youtube video that explains it even better explanation: 

One thing that I’ve gotten better at is not being shy while taking pictures of people. I used to be afraid to take pictures because I don’t know if people would be offended by it. Now I’m not shy and, I like taking pictures of people. My favorite subject to do art or photography is people; they fascinate me.

I’ve learned about what gear I prefer using while traveling. My camera backpack was stuffed with several lenses and lens attachments but on only used a few of them. I’ve learned a lot and knowing what gear I use will help me know what to take for my next trip.

I’ve tried to shoot with two camera bodies. My Nikon D3200 and D7100 on a Black Rapid double harness. It’s convenient not having to switch lenses all the time. I like use an 18-55 mm with a wide-angle attachment on the D3200 and change between my 70-300mm and 50mm lenses on the D7100. I think I would like to invest money into an actual wide-angle lens and a fish eye lens. They are fun to shoot cityscapes with.

The hardest things for me to photograph was during our visit to Dachau concentration camp. I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos but I know that sometimes you have to do something your not comfortable with. They didn’t discourage people from taking pictures. They had the philosophy that we should remember what happened in hopes that something like this won’t happen again. 

I had a really funny experience after the last choir concert in Munich. The choir had a joint concert with local choir and after there as a huge party with so much food! German food is just amazing! They also had plenty of wine and beer. While we were all eating and drinking I set my bag on the stage with my camera. The choir had their dress bags on the stage as well so I thought I would “blend in” with everyone else’s stuff. So I went to go eat and I took the opportunity to drink my first beer but I guess I’m really not used to drinking because I only had a few sips and I was already tipsy. When I went to get my camera to talk some photos I accidently grabbed another photographers camera! He set his gear next to mine. I started to shoot some pictures and I didn’t notice it wasn’t my camera until I tried to adjust the settings. At this point I was freaking out and I gave the camera back to its owner. I apologized repeatedly but he just laughed. At least he thought it was funny. I’m sure other photographers wouldn’t be so forgiving. I’m surprised that I didn’t notice sooner because his camera was a Canon and mine was a Nikon. I was told they felt different but I guess the beer got to my head.

I’m still on the fence about investing in more lenses and equipment. Photography started off as just a “hobby” but now it’s kind of taking over my life. Don’t get me wrong; My love is still graphic design. I guess there is still room in my heart for photography as well. There is still a lot for me to learn with photography and graphic design but each project has made me better as an artist.

Well that’s my blog for today!

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