Big News!

It's not as big as getting a job at Disney, but it's still really exciting. It seems like opportunities keep coming my way. 

I've recently got approved to be a press photographer at Nan Desu Kan!

Nan Desu Kan (NDK) is an anime convention that takes place in Denver CO. I've been to there New Years Event a couple of times but have never been to the actual convention. I've wanted to go to an Anime convention for years but have never had the time to go. I'm really excited and I'm hoping I'll get some great photos. Maybe even a couple of interviews.

This will be my first time going to an Anime convention and not only that, this will be my first time being a press photographer. Doors keep opening up for me and I'm really thankful for all these great opportunities and experiences. 

For more information about Nan Desu Kan check out there website:

in other news:

Sadly due to all the excitement of working at Disney a few of my projects got put on the back burner. Mainly the Voice's in Germany photo book project. I've also been slacking in my illustration and graphic design projects too. I'm really disappointed in myself because these projects didn't get as much attention as I'd originally planed. It's just a learning experience for next time. I'm planning on working hard this semester and producing some amazing artwork.

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